About Our Work

PF&D Partners bring a wealth of experience in accompanying, organizing, supporting and building the capacity of equipping faith-based organizations.

We provide technical assistance and implementation services on a consulting basis to:

  • International Faith-based development NGOs
  • International Religious bodies
  • Local Faith Leaders and FBOs
  • Governments and private organizations wishing to collaborate with FBOs
  • Multilateral bodies

Among our services:

  • Organizing and supporting national and local coordinating mechanisms to engage faith groups for community health and education
  • Building capacity and equipping faith leaders and FBOs for community health
  • Building and communicating evidence base of FBO impact on health and well-being of their communities
  • Supporting leaders of FBOs in influential advocacy on behalf of the needs of the poor
  • Strategic planning for international faith based development organizations

To learn more about our work, see what we’ve done- and are doing- in these areas: