Gathering and Communicating Evidence for Faith Groups’ activity and impact

PF&D works to improve the evidence base for the activity and contributions of faith groups to community health and well-being, and raises awareness about available evidence with policy makers and practitioners, including faith groups themselves. Here are some examples of our work:


WHO–CIFA Consultation on Mapping of Faith-based Assets , Geneva 2009

WHO CIFA consultation Geneva 2009

Jean Duff,  while at CIFA, collaborated with Reverend Ted Karpf at WHO, to design and manage an international consultation on NGO Mapping standards describing Religious Health Assets.

Representatives from 39 international partners including governments, NGOs, FBOs, academic partners, and international organizations, convened to discuss data collection and geographic mapping standards for assessing, monitoring and mapping health services, including those used to describe religious health assets provided by the faith-based or faith inspired organization. Based on WHO’s data collection tool and methodology for assessing and mapping health service availability and readiness, working groups discussed standard approaches to the collection, management, use, and dissemination of data that express the value added by FBOs in health services delivery, especially those religious health assets deemed to be intangible or at least difficult to quantify. Specific modifications to the Services Availability Mapping (SAM) core instrument were suggested and subsequently field tested and amended, including the addition of a module to represent specific interests of FBOs (e.g. provision of free or concessional care, capacity for spiritual care providers and volunteer staff, and provision of psychosocial services, including bereavement services). For more information see here: WHO-CIFA-Report-May-2010


The Joint Learning Initiative on Faith and Local Communities 

The JLI F&LC is an international research collaborative focused on gathering evidence on faith groups’ activity and contributions to community health and well being, and communicating that evidence to policy makers and practitioners in support of full engagement of faith assets for development. Jean Duff is a founding member of the JLI F&LC Steering Committee and has served since January 2011 as its Coordinator.  During this time, seven Learning Hubs have been convened, (HIV AIDS and Maternal Health, Resilience in Humanitarian and Disaster Situations, Immunization, Capacity Building for Local Faith Communities, Sexual & Gender Based Violence, Child Health, and Peace and  Conflict). These Learning Hubs join more than 70 experts, organizations and networks around the world in collaboration to gather evidence for faith groups’ activity , and  in discussion about  better communication of that evidence to policy makers and practitioners. Scoping reports and policy documents produced by JLI F&LC are available at


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