Advocacy for the Needs of the Poor and Vulnerable

Faith-inspired groups—both congregational and community organizations—provide moral leadership and bear witness on behalf of those in need, to governments and other social institutions, both within their own countries, and internationally. Multi-faith and multi-sector coalitions have collaborated to erase stigma, change laws, cancel debt, and make peace.

Great examples of successful faith-led advocacy are:

Jubilee 2000 campaign

A broad coalition of faith groups, trade unions, aid agencies and campaigning groups working for debt cancellation for poor countries to mark the beginning of the new Millennium.

Michael Taylor, President of Jubilee 2000 Coalition said about the leadership of faith groups in the campaign:

“Some of us would say that the Jubilee 2000 campaign has seen the churches at their best. Their leaders, whether Anglican Archbishop, Free Church Moderator, Roman Catholic Cardinal and even, God bless him, the Pope, all supported it. Above all their people came out in force. They wrote letters, said their prayers, took to the streets, gave their money, found their courage and learned with the help of their agencies, like CAFOD,Tearfund and Christian Aid, to be political activists”

Interfaith Action for Peace in Africa

Founded in 2002, IFAPA unites seven faith groups in Africa on various issues  that affect peace within the continent.

We Will Speak Out

A global coalition of Christian-based NGOs and church organisations, supported by an alliance of individuals, who together commit themselves to see the end of sexual violence across communities around the world.

The coalition partnership works to harness efforts to end sexual violence  by supporting the church to speak out against sexual violence, show strong and positive leadership and become a ‘safe’ place for people to go to. The coalition works together to influence legislation and policies with a united voice. “We Will Speak Out” seeks to give a voice to those who are most marginalised and create platforms for their voices to be heard. Read the Tearfund Research Report  “Silent No More”, here.


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