Capacity Building for faith-based organizations, & Materials and toolkits tailored to specific needs of faith groups

PF&D partners have extensive, diverse experience in capacity building and technical support for faith groups, developing tools and training materials tailored specifically to their faith traditions to support their work in health and community development

Some Examples of technical support and training to faith groups provided by PF&D partners include:

  • Interfaith seminar on HIV/AIDS in India for South Asia faith leaders in the 1990s when there was a high level of denial and stigma (led by United Methodist and Seventh Day Adventist Churches)
  • Multi-faith workshop funded by USAID in East Africa to build awareness and skills of providers in evidence- based maternal and newborn child health interventions
  • Technical Assistance to Workshops and seminars for Christian Health Associations in Africa on improving systems for recruitment, retention, training and motivation of human resources for health
  • Training for Adventist Relief and Development  Agency Country Officers on multi-denominational and multi-faith collaboration
  • Technical support to FBOs in writing funding proposals and managing sub grants
  • Strengthening capacity of the newly established Secretariat of Christian Health Networks in Africa 

Tools and materials tailored to support faith groups’ work in health and community development

There is an extensive body of materials designed to support faith groups’ work in health and community development, with a special emphasis on health related attitude and behavior change.

PF&D partners have special expertise in development of such materials, for example:

ToolKit for Religious Leaders- Safe Motherhood Sermon/ Khutba Guides –

Sarla Chand led a team that developed these materials designed to increase awareness and knowledge of Faith leaders on critical behavior change interventions for safe motherhood, and to provide them with relevant scriptural teachings as a basis for sermons, and teaching.



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