Jamkhed program for community empowerment and primary health care, adapted from India to Africa, South America and Asia

Jamkhed model for community empowerment and primary health care , adapted  from India to Africa, South America and Asia

From 1996 – 2000, Sarla Chand led and managed a large scale undertaking to bring the concepts and values of the Jamkhed, India program to the communities and Churches of Africa, South America and Asia. Numerous workshops and learning courses were organized both by taking participants to Jamkhed as well as in their own countries. Several hundred program leaders and community mobilizers were trained and programs took root in several countries bringing much needed primary health services, empowering communities to not only help themselves but also to seek and utilize government and other resources to improve their health and well-being.

Strengths and Impact of Jamkhed: The uniqueness of Jamkhed model is that even though CRHP was not started by a church organization but by two individuals of deep faith in God and humanity, faith groups have embraced and helped implement this model in different parts of the world, including  Lutheran World Relief, The United Methodist Church, The Presbyterian Church, USA, the Council of Evangelical Churches of Latin America (CEIMAL). Jamkhed program provides practical training with active involvement of the community. Half of the time is spent on technical teaching but the other half is spent on developing values. This is where the Christian message comes in and values of Love, Humility, Hope and Faith are nurtured and strengthened in all trainees.

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