Our Approach

Faith based and Multi-faith

Although people of strong faith ourselves, PF&D is a development organization not a religious one.

We don’t prefer faith-based community development, nor assert that it is intrinsically better. Rather we start from the premise that faith groups and networks bring trusted, accessible, and sometimes, singular, value to those in great need in their congregations and communities and that their capabilities are powerful, underused and frequently unknown by other institutions.

PF&D partners are experienced in working across faith lines in multi-denominational, multi-faith and multi-sector settings, and in facilitating action-focused collaboration for measurable outcomes for children, women and families.

We respect explicit and diverse faith expression. It is our experience that robust faith identity and expression are key to the influence and impact of ecumenical and multi-faith collaborations for their communities.   And we hold strongly to legal and ethical codes separating church and state, and separating religious proselytizing from service delivery to communities in need, irrespective of faith identity. 


Preferential option for the poor

Partners at PF&D have given their lives to this work as a matter of vocational call rather than employment. We embrace core teachings of all creeds relating to justice, equality and duty to care for neighbors in need. Our work commitments have tried to prioritize the needs of the poorest of the poor. And its there we meet the faith community in every land doing its work of outreach and care for those in greatest need. We see the powerful, sustained work of the faith community, and have dedicated ourselves to supporting them and enhancing their reach and impact.