Multi-faith program against Malaria in Mozambique (PIRCOM), and adaptations in other countries

Programa Inter Religiosa contra a malaria  in Mozambique (PIRCOM): Begun in 2006 with help from Washington National Cathedral’s Center for Global Justice and Reconciliation, PIRCOM the first national scale multi-faith collaboration against malaria. Co-Chaired by Anglican Bishop Dinis Sengulane and Islamic Council leader Sheik Aminudine Mohammad, and funded by USAID, PIRCOM is a collaboration between the Mozambican Ministry of Health, various development NGOs and diverse Christian, Muslim, Hindu and Baha’i communities. The goal is to recruit, organize, train and equip faith leaders to end deaths from malaria. In the first three years, 27,000 faith leaders were mobilized and trained, using a cascade training model, in four provinces.  For the current program please see the  PIRCOM capacity statement.  Jean Duff has served as advisor to PIRCOM since the inception of the program in 2006. The PIRCOM cascade training model has been successfully adapted in other countries including Nigeria and Sierra Leone.

The Nigerian Interfaith Action Association ( NIFAA): NIFAA operates under the leadership of Sultan Muhammad Sa’ad Abubaka, President of the National Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs, and Pastor Ayo Orisejafor, President of the Christian Association of Nigeria, and Executive Director Bishop Sunday N. Onuoha. In close collaboration with the Nigerian National Malaria Control ( NMCP) program and with funding from the World Bank and the Nigerian government, NIFAA has mobilized Christian and Muslim faith leaders in the national campaign against malaria. NIFAA has trained nearly 1,500 religious leaders, who in turn trained over 15,000 local faith-based leaders to reach out to their congregations on malaria prevention and net usage. 
A national survey commissioned by NMCP and the World Bank indicated over 50 percent of children under age five were sleeping under bed nets in Akwa Ibom State, where intensive NIFAA  training and mobilization of faith leaders occurred, compared to 25 percent in a comparable state where the faith community was not mobilized to complement the NMCP program. Jean Duff worked closely with Nigerian faith leaders and Bishop Sunday, the World Bank, and international experts to establish NIFAA. 

The Sierra Leone Interreligious Council and the Christian Health Association:

As of June 2013, 542 Faith leaders had been trained on five key malaria messages,  reaching 1,101 congregants and an estimated 1.3 million citizens

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