Providing Care for the Poor and Marginalized

The prevalence in under-developed countries of faith-based schools, health facilities, development charities, peacemaking bodies and more, exemplify this sustained commitment. Faith groups have the reach, trust and influence to lead their communities to better health, peaceful conflict resolution and sustainable environments. Some great examples of successful faith-led community care are featured below:

Catholic Relief Services’ HIV and AIDS projects around the world

Moved by compassion, and working in partnership with other faith-based and non-governmental organizations, CRS directly supports more than 4.8 million people affected by the epidemic. Click here to learn more.

Islamic Relief Wordwide’s Orphan and Child Welfare programs

Islamic Relief Worldwide supports orphans in more than 20 countries worldwide. Over 27,000 orphans are currently benefiting from sponsorship, which ensures that they finish school and have enough money for food, healthcare and household necessities.

As well as one-to-one sponsorship, Islamic Relief supports orphans through housing projects, summer school and vocational training. Click here to learn more.

IMA World Health Sermon Guide

IMA World Health is a nonprofit faith-based organization founded in 1960, reaching millions of people in developing countries and areas ravaged by war disaster and poverty.  IMA World Health works to advance health and healing to vulnerable and marginalized people  the world over and to restore health, hope and dignity to those in need. Among its many special contributions, IMA has developed a series of Sermon Guides to support Muslim and Christian faith leaders in caring for their congregations and communities. Click here to learn more. 


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